About Mariposa

Mariposa Real Estate Advisors, LLC assists clients with evaluating complex real estate investments, offering first-hand experience gleaned from working with many of the nation’s leading public and private real estate companies, institutional investors, developers, operators and lenders. Clients have come to rely on our objective and technical evaluations of complex real estate investments, whether it is a single property, portfolio or entity.

With an organization comprised of former Ernst & Young Kenneth Leventhal Real Estate Group partners, we offer an in-depth understanding of complex real estate issues. Our methodologies transcend standard property-level valuation, market research and due diligence techniques and extend into complex transaction, capital, financial, and entity structuring.

Mariposa’s disciplined approach provides the highest level of service to clients on a consistent basis. Our commitment to service excellence coupled with seasoned leadership, technical expertise and a steadfast commitment to objectivity, helps our clients make informed and economically beneficial decisions.