Asset Management and Performance Reporting

Asset Portfolio Review

As private equity investors demand greater transparency from their fund managers, investors expect to know how actual performance compares to original underwriting standards. We help clients examine key underlying portfolio return, risk and cash flow drivers. Through our extensive experience underwriting large asset portfolios and complex capital transactions worldwide, we provide the following Asset Portfolio Review services to clients owning substantial real estate portfolios managed in-house or through third-party advisors and managers:

  • Assess performance and health of specific assets and collateral comprising an investment or loan portfolio, including evaluating the viability of the business plans and updates, analyzing the relative risk of the assets, reviewing the capital structure and any operating joint venture terms and adjusting the pro forma to reflect reality
  • Compare actual individual asset performance with underwriting business plan pro formas and reviewing any business plan updates made by the asset Our Professionals
  • Validate or refute the reliability of outside appraisals for investors and lenders that need an objective third party expert to substantiate their quality