Marion Fong

Marion has over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. She has a strong working knowledge of many aspects of real estate development, acquisitions, dispositions, transaction structuring, work-outs and restructuring and capital access. She has worked extensively with senior management and boards of directors of private and public real estate companies, opportunity funds and advisors.

Her team has underwritten a diverse portfolio of assets, including apartments, for-sale condominiums, office, industrial, hotel, land development, operating companies, and loan portfolios. She has worked extensively with senior management to prepare cash flow projections used to structure and restructure joint venture arrangements and other capital structures. Executives rely on Marion and her team to quantify the economics of complex economic structures.

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Prior to founding Mariposa Real Estate Advisors, she was a Partner in the Real Estate Advisory Service Group of Ernst & Young LLP and was a Senior Manager at Kenneth Leventhal & Company. Marion earned her BA in Economics from Occidental College and is a member of the Urban Land Institute. Marion was admitted to the Counselors of Real Estate in 2000.